Spray Tanning before & after care


Before your tan appointment

Preparation is the key to a great spray tan. 


Please ensure you shave and remove any unwanted hair a day before your tan. 

Exfoliate your whole body the day of and the day before your appointment. It is crucial to remove as many dead skin cells as possible to get the most longevity with your tan. 

Have all other beauty treatments done 12-24 hours prior to having your spray tan. 

Book your tan at least 24hrs prior to any event. 

Do not use deodorant, lotions, moisturizers or oils on your body before your tan. You may moisturize lightly any very dry skin ie knees, ankle or elbows but other than that , steer clear!

Please do not wear make up to your tan appointment. 

It is best to wear loose, dark clothing, no bra and slip on shoes to your appointment. Don't forget a hair tie. I can provide disposable thongs but you may feel more comfortable in your own underwear, G-String or shorties. Completely up to you what makes you more comfortable. I can also provide hair nets if needed. 


After your Tan

Do not get wet for at least 4 hours after your tan. I use 2 and 4hour Tan solutons, 4hrs minimum is best in my experience with these solutons. Up to 10 hrs, even better!

So that means, no dishes, no bathing the kids, no washing up, no cleaning. Any water spots that splash onto you can and probably will ruin your gorgeous tan. 

Once time is up to wash your tan off, jump in the shower and rinse. For best results do not use soap as your tan will continue to develop. Do not moisturize for at least 12 hours after rinsing your tan. Your tan will develop much better. 

For best results keep nice and hydrated and moisturized following your tan appointment.