Qiqi Vega Permanent Straightening Info & FAQ

       Benefits of Qiqi Vega Permanent Straightening:

  • No downtime for hair coloring! Vega is safe to implement just before a color treatment.
  • Bleaching or highlighting the hair before is no longer a problem with Vega.
  • All your daily routine activities will pose no challenge. Vega straightening treatment is resistant to sweat,moisture and harsh climatic conditions.
  • Look beautiful every day, all day.
  • Continue to enjoy swimming in the sea or the pool, your hair will keep its gorgeous look.
  • Forget about the unnecessary and annoying dependence on hair dryers and straightening irons.
  • Vega is safe to use with zero harmful ingredients.
  • Resistant to harsh climatic conditions such as humidity, extreme cold or heat.
  • Your hair rejuvenates and revitalizes without the fear of damage cause by a chemical treatment.
  • The only PERMANENT straightening treatment which is not alkaline based.

Yes. Qiqi Vega offers 3 unique variants for all hair types and conditions.

Yes. Qiqi Vega changes the hair’s structure by reacting  with the disulfide bonds, loosening them and then the ironing process fixes the hair into a permanently straight, smooth, shiny and healthier hair.

Yes. Qiqi Vega permanently changes the hair structure of the hair to straight until new roots grow with the hair’s natural texture, as long as the hair is healthy enough to absorb the treatment. Therefore, in a case of super damaged hair, results may last for up to 3-4 months. 

Qiqi Vega is made of safe to use organic components with no dangerous effects. The exclusive formula penetrates the cortex and reshapes its structure safely without any concern of hair breakage or drying.

Yes, you can color your hair after the treatment. It should be at least 20 minutes after the treatment. Bleaching is not reommended for at least 14 days after the treatment, though it is important to make a strand test before bleaching again.

Yes, you can expect this treatment to lift your color about 1-2 shades. You may want to consider having your color or toner refreshed on the same day, book this treatment to have prior to when your next colour is due or schedule a color in for after you’ve had your treatment on a following day. 

Even though the  treatments are long lasting, it can be reapplied after four weeks.

Qiqi Vega can be applied on the curly hair areas and there is no need to apply it on the hair that already has been straightened. However, 5 minutes before rinsing the Qiqi Vega, we recommend spreading the treatment all over the hair shaft using a tooth comb. During the rinsing step, rinse the straightened areas completely and leave a fine layer of product on the new roots.

While there aren’t any known adverse effects, it’s always recommended to consult a physician prior to any hair treatment.

Qiqi Vega is a unique system with straightening capabilities that safely reacts with disulfide bonds without harsh chemicals. The treatment is based on organic components that can be left on the hair for up to 4hours without any damage. Unlike Japanese straightening which  causes damage to the hair as it is alkaline based and cannot be applied for a long period of time,. Vega will never cause hair damage or breakage.

Why choose a Qiqi Permanent Straightening over a Keratin treatment?

Both of these treatments have huge benefits. In the end I would say it comes down to how you want it to behave while in your hair and how it will grow out. 

A Keratin Smoothing treatment deposits Keratin (protein) directly into the hairs cortex and with the use of heat during your service hardens and then seals the outer layer of the hair - the cuticle. This treatment does not reform your disulphide bonds (the little links that make up your hair structure deep down in the cortex). Although it does relax your hair, eventually it will all wash out and another treatment will be nessesary. Usually every 12-24 weeks depending on how you care for your hair and environmental factors. Because of how this treatment essentially “fades” out, you are not left with any type of regrowth line. Keratin treatments are incredibly nourishing for the hair, especially checmically damaged hair types as well and thick, course or unruly hair. This treatment offers immense shine and condition and as it is keratin, strengthens the hair aswell. Because the keratin needs time to set into the hair it is suggested to wait 1-2 weeks post treatment to re colour the hair. You can expect up to 4 levels of fading on your artificial colour with this treatment. 

A Qiqi Vega Permanent Straightening is just that. So it will grow out with your hair hence giving you a regrowth line. It is designed to be much longer lasting in the hair. Qiqi does not deposit keratin into the hair but rather it reforms the disulphide bonds, giving them a new shape and then sealing down the cuticle layer. This is an acidic treatment and the only one of its kind available at the moment. Typically to do a permanent straightening in the past you’d have to have very healthy or non bleached hair already and it would be a 2 step process including neutralising the hair to reconnect your disulphide bonds. Qiqi does not break your bonds and in fact is incredibly repairing for your hair. Because of this is why Keratin smoothing was a game changer when it came to market. Now we have Qiqi!  Regrowth applications can be done as little as 5 weeks post treatment (if you’re really serious about not letting that hair through) but for most 6-12 months would be my own personal recommendation. This treatment will fade your colour about 1-2 shades so a post service colour is recommended. You can colour on the same day unlike with the keratin. Using organically derived ingredients and being an acidic base this treatment is great for strengthening and restructuring your hair as well as offering care properties, hydration and shine.

So the moral of the story in my own opinion, if you don’t want a regrowth and want your treatment to fade out more go keratin, if you’re not bothered go Qiqi, although…… I can also do a more subtle version of Qiqi, it doesn’t have to be pin straight.  Both are great, both have huge benefits, and you can do them both over each other aswell. There is a cost difference if that is a factor aswell. Reach out for a consult to discuss.